One More Thing That I forgot

There is one thing that I forgot to mention. If you blog about something and then sometime in the future you blog about the same thing again, it is good to include a refer back reference to the previous post.

The reason for this is that WordPress will include a comment in the previous post pointing to the current post. That way if you are updating information the reader will be sure to find it. For instance if I wanted you to see a previous post on adding photos, I could tell you to go here. This will get you to the previous post and the previous post now has a comment pointing to this post.


Mission Accomplished

I started this site for the sole purpose of learning some of the differences between the freely hosted WordPress and WordPress that you install on another hosting provider. My primary reason for writing the previous instructions were to provide some guidence for a friend who had an interest in starting a blog and had no idea where to start. He is up an running so that missing has been fullfilled.

I will leave this site active in case it might be of benefit to someone else.

If you have come here expecting to see an active blog, than I will refer you to Chiriquí Chatter, which is my primary blog and depicts my life and daily musings in David, Chiriquí Panama.

Photo Alignment Adds Variety


If you have stayed with me to this point, then maybe we should add a little variety to your posts. This can be done by aligning your photos to the left or right and putting the words next to the photo. In the current example i told the image to be aligned to the left. To do that you have to enter the code side of the editor and insert <img src=”.img” style=”padding: 7px” align=”left” />, where .img is the location of your image.

Olivia ThinkingIf I use align=”right”,  you will get something like this, with all of your description on the left of the inserted photo.

Including Video In Your Post

Most of the new digital cameras include the capability to take videos as well as photos. Now there are many sites on the Internet that will allow you to upload your video to their site for others to view. YouTube is one of those sites.

If you haven’t tried to insert a video in your blog because you thought it would be difficult, then let’s try to demystify the process. Continue reading

WordPress Posts Vs. Pages

WordPress has a nice feature of allowing you to create Pages. Normally when you write something for a blog it is called a post. These change at whatever frequency the author has decided to post with.

Each time you post, the previous post is pushed down and it isn’t easily found unless you have recorded the permilink of do a search using WordPress’s search function.

Pages eliminate that problem. Pages are used for many functions, but many bloggers use them to write an “About” page describing the blog or author. I have added a Page called “How To Use This Blog“. Its purpose is to tell a new comer how to get the best use from the information on blogging.

Blogs, Comments And Trolling

If you write a blog, and you allow comments, you are going to run into trolling. My definition of trolling is when a person comments to one of your entries, but not to the issues of the entry. It may be remotely related, but is not directly related to the theme of you post. It may be that your post triggered something in them that made them want to voice an opinion on their subject.

What I am telling you is that you may write an entry that has a single sentence in it, that is not directly related to the topic of your entry, and you may receive a comment on that sentence that is longer than your entire post. You have to recognize that trolling exists and you will recieve comments because of it.

If you post a very opinionated entry, realize that you are going to have comments that agree and disagree with your position. You should expect this. That is part of the fun of blogging. If you like to debate, you are going to be in hog heaven. Like I said in another post, comments are your report card. The fact that you write an opinionated piece and received comments gives you a high mark.

Responding to comments that are a result of trolling is up to you. What ever floats your boat. For me, I would rather not get into a debate on a subject that I didn’t start.

And Another Thing

I have been surfing the Internet looking at blogs this morning. I have realized that a good way to learn what not to do while blogging is read other blogs.

I set up a blog on Blogger to see how the features compared with WordPress. Blogger is owned by Google now and obviously has a lot of money behind it. It is easy to use and reasonably flexible. If you are considering blogging, then Blogger is another option.

Currently, I still don’t think it contains the features of WordPress, but I will test it further. My Main Blog will remain Chiriquí Chatter and will stay under WordPress.

I think what is important, for new users, is to find a platform that is easy to use and then focus on content. Browsing the other user’s blogs will show you striking examples of good and bad content.

Here is the my Blogger Blog.