Managing What You Have Written.

Now that you have made at least one post, lets do some revisions on previous work. From the Dashboard click on the Manage tab. This will show you your previous posts. You can now view, editor or delete them. If you didn’t write over the original “Hello World” entry that WordPress gave you for an example, you can delete it now. You can also click on Comments amd delete the example comments that WordPress gave you.

From the “manage” tab you can manage Posts, Pages (Similiar to Posts, but in a static location), Comments, Uploads, any comments awaiting moderation, and you can export you current posts for back up.

I will try to touch on including photos on the next post


4 thoughts on “Managing What You Have Written.

  1. Abraham Lincoln

    I think this is a good idea. I hope people find it. Do you use a statistics meter or have some way to tell how many people visit your Chriqui Chatter who might go from there to here?

  2. Don Ray

    Hi Abe. I thought you might drop in. Yes, I get a good measure of how many visit Chiriqui Chatter on a daily basis. I have both AWSTATS and Webalizer for stats.

    Since I put up Chiriqui Chatter it has had continual growth. At present, I get about 5,000 visitors a month. The nice thing is that most wind up being repeat visitors.

    Receiving comments from many different parts of the world and seeing where the readers reside is interesting to me.

  3. Omar Upegui R.

    Hi Don:

    I’m glad to be one of those 5,000 monthly visitors. As I have said before, you have a way with words and pictures.

    Abe is also extra-ordinary with pictures and birds. His photographic work on his back yard is awesome.




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