Some Preliminary Housekeeping

Ok, now you have your very own Blog and are ready to get going. Not so fast. Lets take care of some housekeeping activities first.

What you should be looking at is an area called the “Dashboard”. At the top of the dashboard area you will see your Blog Name, if you have set it up. Below the name you will see the tabs Dashboard, Write, Manage, Presentation, Users, Options, and Upgrades.

First select Options. Now select the General tab.

Set the Web Title to what you want displayed at the top of each of your Blog pages. Mine says “Beneath The Baru”. You can change it any time you like.

Tagline is what ever you would like. Mine says “Life is what’s happening while you are making other plans.” This can be changed when ever you like.

Make sure you set your UTC offset so that your posts will reflect the correct time for where you live. I have -5 which is required for Panama.

There are options here, but I won’t cover them. WordPress has very good documentation and this is in no way intended to replace it. Consider this a quick start.

Go to the Writing tab. You will want to remember this tab later when you have set your normal posting Catagory. Setting it to what most posts will fall under will save you some time.

The Discussion tab should have “Comment author must have a previously approved comment” turned on. This will stop most unsolicited spammers from getting in.

The Privacy tab allows you to decide who you want to be able to see your Blog. Search engines will tell the world about what you are writing. If you just want family to be able to read it, you can change it to allow only users you identify.

Don’t click the Delete Blog tab. You just got here.

Now lets do some fun stuff. Click on Presentation tab. It will show you your current theme and allow you to change it if you like. Pick one that fits your or your Blogs personality.

Next to Presentation, you will see Sidebar Widgets, if your theme supports widgets. A blog has at least two areas. The main area which will display your posts and the “Sidebar”which has navigation and post information.

Now if you click “View site”next to your Blog title, you will get a full screen look at what your Blog is going to look like. Pretty slick – huh!


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