What is a Blog and Should You Have One?

Well, if you are reading this, you probably already know what Blogs are. If you got her by accident, then I will give you my version of what they are and why you might want to have one.

The Internet has made the world much smaller and much easier for people everywhere to express their views on any subject. The term Blog came from shortening Web Log to Blog. Many people started out keeping an on-line journal of what was going on in their life. It can be used for any purpose you can conceive.

It was sort of like a on line (non private) diary. As more and more people started sharing experiences this way, several journal software products started to appear. In my opinion, WordPress is the best.

With that understanding, let’s see if we can get one going. Everything that you will read here will be produced using only the WordPress editor. On my main Blog, I use Microsoft Word to create the entries and then cut and past into the WordPress’s write window for submission.

However, assuming that many that read this may want to use only what is provided by WordPress, I will limit myself to what is provided.

Choose Your User ID

The first thing your are going to be asked to do when you sign up for a free WordPress blog is to provide your User ID. This ID will precede .wordpress.com to form the URL that the rest of the world will find your Blog by.

If you look at the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) above in your browser, you will see that this Blog has a URL of https://donray.wordpress.com. You are going to have to chose what you want instead of donray. That ID is mine and can’t be reused.

You may want your name, nickname, or something that is related to the subject you want your Blog to focus on. The top of this blog says “Beneath The Baru”. I could have made my User ID “BeneathTheBaru”and the URL would have looked like http://beneaththebaru.wordpress.com

Email Address

The next thing you will be asked for is your email address. I would recommend an email address other than your primary email address. I am sure you have at least one email address. Enter the email address and if your User ID has not already been used by some one else, then you will receive an email from WordPress giving you your password. Write it down so you won’t forget it. I recommend you changing it when you log-in the first time.

When you receive the email, it will ask you to confirm your desire to blog before the operation is complete. When you agree, you will now be the proud owner of your very own Blog.


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