Your First Post

You are ready to make your first Post. When you created your Blog, WordPress provided you with a post so that you have an example, which also contains comments. In a future post, I will show how you can get rid of it.

Click on Dashboard’s Write tab. That will open up a data entry screen with formatting options similar to those in other word precessing software. I am going to assume you are familiar with standard formatting icons and am not going to discuss them.

On this screen you will see an entry area for the Title of this entry. It is going to have a much larger font than the rest of the post.

Below the Title area is post area. You will notice that there are two tabs for this area (Editor and HTML). For most of the time you will only need the “Editor”. As long as you are just going to write , it will allow you to do the formatting you will need to make a good looking post. It also has a Spell checker function that you should run when you have completed writing.

Below the entry window, you will see three buttons (“Save and Continue Editing, Save, and Publish). Periodically you should click on the first button to keep some unforeseen problem from causing you to lose work. It will save the work and you can then continue writing.

The “Save” button saves your work, but exits so you can do some thing else. No one can see what you have written until you click the “Publish” button. When you click “Publish” anyone on the Internet can see your work, based on the privacy settings you set up.

One of the really nice features of WordPress is that when you press the first button, another window is going to open up below the entry window and it will display exactly what your page is going to look like. A true WYSIWYG.

With this much information, you should be able to write your first post. Just think, the world is getting ready to see another Shakespeare, Mark Twain, or Abe Lincoln.


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