Hot Linking In Your Blog

One of the things you are going to want to do is to direct your readers to other locations on the Internet. You do this by placing Hot Links in your post. You can recognize a Hot Link in a post because the word that contains the Hot Link will have a different colored font. When the reader runs his mouse over that word, a hand will appear. If he clicks on the word, he will be taken to the new location.

To have a word or image contain a Hot Link, you are going to have to enter the HTML portion of the WordPress editing area. This will show you all the hidden HTML codes that make magic happen.

Go to the word or image that you want to contain the Hot Link. Highlight the word with your mouse. Now click on the “Link”icon above the data entry area. A window will open up requesting the URL of the location on the Internet you want the word to point to. When you click “Ok”, the magic HTML cose will be inserted and you now have a Hot LInk. Here is a Hotlink to the WordPress FAQs.


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