Photos Add A Lot

Blogging GIFWhen you include photos or images to your Blog, it really adds a lot. Photos add a little extra complication over just writing, but it is worth the effort and after a while it will be a piece of cake.

The first thing to know about Photos is that you may need to operate on your original photos before you upload them to your Blog. The size of an original photo may be over a megabyte in size and that is too large to be shipping on the Internet. You have heard that time is money and when it comes to photos time is related to size. If the photos are too large they will take too long to load and people will not return to your site.

Also, your theme will have some limitations. Most WordPress themes will operate pretty well if the photo’s width is set at 500 pixels. This will fill most of the main Blog area. That is assuming you are going to put in a big photo and not a thumbnail. A thumbnail is a smaller photo that consumes very little memory. Sometimes you may want to use a thumbnail and when people click on the thumbnail, it will bring up the larger photo.

If you do not have software to work with your photos, then I will recommend that you download IrfanView. It is cost free and is a very powerful product and will compete with a lot of the commercial products. This is what I use.

The way I manage my photos is to keep the original in a directory on my PC and then I have other directories where I place the photos I have altered and are going to be uploaded. When I change the size of the original photo, I save it in the “Upload” directory and I name it like this yymmddxx.jpg where yy is the year, mm is the month, dd is the day and xx is the number of the photo for that day. Note that this is a jpg file. This file type is designed to compress into the least amount of storage space.  If your files on your PC are not in the jpg format then change the format when you save after altering the pixel width. Normally I don’t take more than 99 photos in a day, but if I do, I adjust the name for more photos. If I make a thumbnail, I name it yymmddxxthm.jpg.

Assuming you are writing a post, if you look below the data entry window, you will see a photo file management area. You can “upload” new photos, “browse” photos you have uploaded or include Youtube, Google, Grouper videos. I will only address the “Upload” tag, since clicking on the “Video” tag will provide you tutorials on the three video formats.

To upload a photo that you want uploaded, click on the “browse’ button to search for the photo location, or just enter it in the “File” window if you know the location. When the upload completes you will see a thumbnail of the photo and you will be presented with some options how you want it displayed.

You can chose to display a thumbnail photo. WordPress is going to help you out and provide the thumbnail photo. There is no need to upload thumbnails.

The other option is to display the the photo in its full size.

Here is an example of the same uploaded photo displayed in two different ways.

First is a thumbnail. Olivia Thinking

Here is the same photo in full size.

Olivia Thinking

For more information on Images read the WordPress FAQ on Images.

With this much information you should be able to write a post on your blog and include photos.

If all goes well you may feel good about Blogging and want to jump for joy!

Happy Jumping GIF

If it has given you a headache, then practice some more after taking this pill.

Floating Pill gif


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