Sometimes You Need Inspiration

Well if you made it this far, you should have a WordPress blog going and you are starting to get your feet wet.

I sometimes need a little relaxation time and enjoy reading other Blogs on the net. Also, it is a good way to  get some new ideas on things you can do with your blog just by seeing what others are doing with theirs.

WordPress helps you see other free version WordPress blogs. If you are still logged in and are looking at your blog page you will see an arrow in the upper right hand corner of the Blog area. If you click on that arrow, you will visit another WordPress Blog.

Try it. Meet some other bloggers and leave them some comments. It will also help your Blog to get some visibility. Nothing will replace writing an interesting blog, but for others to read it, they have to know about it.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes You Need Inspiration

  1. panamaendpoint

    Appreciate all the time and work you have put in to help me, Don. Thanks. I found this page helpfull.


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