Blogs, Comments And Trolling

If you write a blog, and you allow comments, you are going to run into trolling. My definition of trolling is when a person comments to one of your entries, but not to the issues of the entry. It may be remotely related, but is not directly related to the theme of you post. It may be that your post triggered something in them that made them want to voice an opinion on their subject.

What I am telling you is that you may write an entry that has a single sentence in it, that is not directly related to the topic of your entry, and you may receive a comment on that sentence that is longer than your entire post. You have to recognize that trolling exists and you will recieve comments because of it.

If you post a very opinionated entry, realize that you are going to have comments that agree and disagree with your position. You should expect this. That is part of the fun of blogging. If you like to debate, you are going to be in hog heaven. Like I said in another post, comments are your report card. The fact that you write an opinionated piece and received comments gives you a high mark.

Responding to comments that are a result of trolling is up to you. What ever floats your boat. For me, I would rather not get into a debate on a subject that I didn’t start.


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