Including Video In Your Post

Most of the new digital cameras include the capability to take videos as well as photos. Now there are many sites on the Internet that will allow you to upload your video to their site for others to view. YouTube is one of those sites.

If you haven’t tried to insert a video in your blog because you thought it would be difficult, then let’s try to demystify the process.

First you have to have a video you want to display on your blog. It can be one you have taken, or it can be one that someone else has taken that you think would be appropriate for your readers.

First let’s talk about a video that you have taken. I am sure that your camera included a CD that had software to move the photos and videos from your camera to your PC. Using that software, save your new video in your PC.

Now below the text entry window for your current post, you will see the upload location for photos. I am sure you have been using that because we discussed that function in the past. To the right of “Upload” for your photos, you will see “Video”.

If you click on “Video” it will give you some sites that will host your video and hot links to tutorials for including the HTML pointing to the video that you want into your blog. You will have to have previously uploaded your video from your PC to one of those services.

For this explanation, let’s assume you put your videos on YouTube. To put videos on Youtube you have to have created an account and uploaded a video to your account. Go to your account and find the video you want to insert in your blog.

If you are using a hosted system and have your own domain name, then the following explanation should work. This is not for the blogs ending in
For a hull hosted version of WordPress, click where it says,”Edit Video Info”. When the next screen comes up, scroll to the bottom of the screen. You will see “Embed HTML: Put this video on your Web site! Copy and paste the code below to embed the video.”

Immediately below this will be a window with the HTML code you need to insert in your blog. Using the mouse, highlight and copy this HTML code.

Now go back to your post and enter the HTML where you want the YouTube window to be.

“Save and Continue Editing” and look at the preview screen and see if the embedded video is where you want it. If it is and you are happy with your post, you can click on “Publish”. If it isn’t then re-enter the HTML side of the editor and cut and past the HTML code where you want it.

Now for the free version of WordPress. Since you are embedding HTML into your post, WordPress could not afford for you to put evil code in your post. If you did you could knock down their website. Therefore they force you to link to the video on the hosting system (YouTube or one of the others).

In your data entry screen paste the example provided by WordPress under the “Video” tab, replacing their URL with the URL that points to your video on YouTube.

Here are three Videos of the Panama Bonlac Dancers doing some traditional dances in traditional atire that I will show you using the technique I described above. If you are running Windows XP you have a program called Movie Maker which will allow you to add titles and some special effects.

If you liked the videos and want to read the post on my main website, the post is located HERE.

For videos that others created, the process is the same except you missed out on taking the video and uploading it.


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