One More Thing That I forgot

There is one thing that I forgot to mention. If you blog about something and then sometime in the future you blog about the same thing again, it is good to include a refer back reference to the previous post.

The reason for this is that WordPress will include a comment in the previous post pointing to the current post. That way if you are updating information the reader will be sure to find it. For instance if I wanted you to see a previous post on adding photos, I could tell you to go here. This will get you to the previous post and the previous post now has a comment pointing to this post.


2 thoughts on “One More Thing That I forgot

  1. Leena

    Hello Don!

    Now I know, how I can get them away!
    Click DESIGN and then EXTRAS –>

    These are general extras that you can enable for your entire blog.

    Enable Snap Shots on this blog

    Hide related links on this blog, which means this blog won’t show up on other blogs or get traffic that way

    Click hide related link!

    I will read , what you have written here!

    I think, I will learn a lot!


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